Inaugural Ride Slideshow

Starting off in York
On September 5, six advocates for the Grand History Trail set out from York, Pa. to bike the proposed route for the 250-mile-long trail. Here's a roundup of photos from the trip.
Bikes strapped on to the support vehicle.
Riding through Hanover, Pa.
A historical marker in Hanover
Stopping at Famous Hot Weiner in Hanover
Cycling through Gettysburg
The Gettysburg battlefield
Re-enactors in Gettysburg
Re-enactors man a cannon in Gettysburg
A group shot in Gettysburg
... And another Gettysburg group shot
The Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg.
Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg
Taking a break.
Don hamming it up in Frederick, Md.
Carriage House and former slave quarters in Frederick
A plaque shares the history of the Dred Scott decision in Frederick.
The historic Ross home in Frederick
Bird cage bike in Frederick
Hanging out in front of city hall in Frederick.
A sign for the C&O canal.
Biking on the C&O Canal
Stopping in the nation's capital.
The GHT riders pose in front of the Washington Monument.
The shadows of weary cyclists in Washington, D.C.
Sailboats in Annapolis.
Stopping for a meal in Annapolis.
Jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
Calypso, the three-finned sea turtle at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
We agree.
Cool old VW bus.
Recuperating in the support van.
Nearly to the finish line.
We made it back to York!

This past Wednesday, Feb. 11th, I had a terrific meeting in Washington D.C. with staff from the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Kelly Pack, National Director of Trail Development and Jim Brown, Manager of Trail Development, and me talked over ways to further develop interest in completing the Grand History Trail.

We came up with a list of activities for promotion in general, and opportunities for branding the concept through public and private partnerships. Ideally the two state commission, being formed by Representative Schreiber, would result in an organization devoted to seeing the project through to completion. Kelly has agreed to call together the original participants in the early discussions about the GHT. From this group, along with interested politicians from the commission, and committed private sponsors, we would form such an organization. All three of us thought this would be an important and needed stakeholders group.