Inaugural Ride Slideshow

Starting off in York
On September 5, six advocates for the Grand History Trail set out from York, Pa. to bike the proposed route for the 250-mile-long trail. Here's a roundup of photos from the trip.
Bikes strapped on to the support vehicle.
Riding through Hanover, Pa.
A historical marker in Hanover
Stopping at Famous Hot Weiner in Hanover
Cycling through Gettysburg
The Gettysburg battlefield
Re-enactors in Gettysburg
Re-enactors man a cannon in Gettysburg
A group shot in Gettysburg
... And another Gettysburg group shot
The Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg.
Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg
Taking a break.
Don hamming it up in Frederick, Md.
Carriage House and former slave quarters in Frederick
A plaque shares the history of the Dred Scott decision in Frederick.
The historic Ross home in Frederick
Bird cage bike in Frederick
Hanging out in front of city hall in Frederick.
A sign for the C&O canal.
Biking on the C&O Canal
Stopping in the nation's capital.
The GHT riders pose in front of the Washington Monument.
The shadows of weary cyclists in Washington, D.C.
Sailboats in Annapolis.
Stopping for a meal in Annapolis.
Jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
Calypso, the three-finned sea turtle at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
We agree.
Cool old VW bus.
Recuperating in the support van.
Nearly to the finish line.
We made it back to York!

On September 5, six advocates for the Grand History Trail set out from York, Pa. to bike the proposed route for the  long trail. From York the "Trailblazers" rode to Hanover and Gettysburg before heading south to Fredrick, Md. Next, the group road to Washington, D.C. via the beautiful C&O Canal Towpath. Finally, the team began their journey back North stopping in Annapolis and Baltimore before returning to York.

For those of you who like numbers that was: 

  • 6: Number of days biking the proposed route
  • 274: Total number of  miles on the bikes
  • 1: Numbwer of support vans
  • 9: Number of major urban areas visited 
  • 23: Number of political leaders members of the Trailblazers met with the promote the Grand History Trail
  • 8: Number of flat tires

Of course, trail co-founder Don Gogniat was snapping pictures of the proceedings along the way. Click the slideshow to see photos from along the proposed route.


The 2015 Grand History Trail Inaugural Ride


Today, the GRAND HISTORY TRAIL is but a concept to link the rich historical regions of southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. with a trail suitable for biking, walking, and running. Portions of the circular route exist now as converted rails-to trails or purpose-built multi-use trails. Examples are the C&O Canal Trail, the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail, and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail (formerly the NCR Trail), and the York County Heritage Rail Trail. Other portions of the route are conceptual only.  Much work has to be done to develop the missing links in the TRAIL route to make safe, practical routes for cyclists and others who would use the GRAND HISTORY TRAIL. On Saturday, September 5, 2015, a small group of riders, who identify themselves unofficially as the Grand History Trailblazers, will set out from York, Pennsylvania to embark on the 250+ mile TRAIL loop. The purpose of the ride is to call attention to the need to develop viable, safe routes to complete the TRAIL.  The ride will conclude on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

This past Wednesday, Feb. 11th, I had a terrific meeting in Washington D.C. with staff from the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Kelly Pack, National Director of Trail Development and Jim Brown, Manager of Trail Development, and me talked over ways to further develop interest in completing the Grand History Trail.

The Grand History Trail Commission looks like it is going to become a reality. Thanks, Representative Schreiber! Here is the introductory letter to potential members from Representative Schreiber, explaining the vision we have for the trail and the purpose of the commission:

Residents of Adams County came together yesterday to start planning a portion of the Grand History Trail leading south from Gettysburg to Emittsburg Maryland. The event was sponsored by Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian Inc. (HABPI). The group included County Commissioners, Adams County Economic Planners, individuals from the Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, members of HABPI, national and regional representatives from the Rails to Trails Conservancy and the Executive Director of the York County Rail Trail Authority.